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The hundred year journey is magnificent, the heart at the beginning of the hundred year is strong, and there is a long way to go to learn and publicize the party's history. According to the special party lesson arrangement of nangui group, Mao Chao, Secretary of Jianli municipal Party committee of the Communist Youth League and assistant of the industrial park, was invited to the enterprise on June 20 to carry out the theme party lesson learning activity of "learning party history, strengthening faith, keeping original heart and opening a new situation". Peng Xiaolong, Secretary of the Party branch and chairman of the group, attended the event and made a speech. Zeng Yunhua, vice president, Party members and some young cadres attended the event.

Peng Xiaolong first expressed welcome and thanks to Comrade Mao Chao for giving Party lectures at Nangui Group on holidays on behalf of all members and activists of the Party.This paper makes a simple explanation of the original idea of Nangui Group returning to its home town to start a business again.Young cadres of Party members should be based on their posts and be grateful and diligent.Emancipate the mind and dare to play the role;There are three requirements for serving and improving employee satisfaction.We also hope that members of the Party and young cadres will always keep the high spirit of the Communist Party, maintain the entrepreneurial passion of the "Nangui people", emancipate the mind, dare to try and start again, and continue to strive for a new situation of high-quality development for the Nangui Group.

 Comrade Mao Chao, with the theme of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Long March of the Red Army, the all-round resistance to war and the establishment of a new China, described the glorious course of the great Communist Party through hardships and led the Chinese nation to the great rejuvenation.Talking about the great significance of learning the history of the Party during the centuries since its founding, he interpreted the profound connotation of clear learning history. He hoped that all members of the Party and young cadres must study the history of the Party, understand their thoughts, do facts and start a new situation, work hard in a full spiritual state, and contribute tremendous youthful power to the development of industrial economy.

After listening to Chairman Peng Xiaolong's speech and Comrade Mao Chao's lecture on the history of the Party, we were inspired and encouraged to strengthen our confidence and determination in listening to the Party's words and following the Party.Everyone said that in the future work, with higher standards and stricter requirements, we will strive to add brilliance to the cause of Nangui Group.