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一;Company Profile

         Guangxi Nangui aluminum Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces all kinds of aluminum profiles of high precision grade. The company is located in Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with convenient transportation and developed information. It is one of the famous large enterprises specializing in the production of aluminum profiles in China. Relying on guangxi bauxite resources with the largest reserves and the best quality in China, the company ensures the product quality with high quality primary aluminum.

Part od the Company

  Nangui Aluminum recognizes the importance of advanced technology and technical professionals and production processes, and is equipped with the world's advanced production lines in the aluminum profile industry. With a series of production equipment including mold design, manufacturing, alloy casting, extrusion forming, oxidation, spraying and polishing, the company has formed a complete and independent production management system and quality testing system for aluminum profile production, and strives to serve the majority of users with a higher grade and better quality products.

Fully Automatic Advanced Extrusion Equipment

        The company can produce all kinds of building profiles, industrial profiles, decorative profiles, profile capacity of 100,000 tons, for the largest and the most sophisticated aluminum profile production base in China. Automatic production lines imported from Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States are mainly used. Vertical oxidation and oxidation, vertical spraying surface treatment is the most advanced technology in China.

Imported Vertical Oxidation Equipment

     Nangui aluminum identified from the creation of brands, implement famous brand strategy and brand internationalization management strategy, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, expand international exchanges and cooperation, further improve the enterprise in the market, brand, product, technology, network, mechanism and the internationalization level of the concept, continuous innovation, advancing with The Times, will be solid, pay attention to the details of the work style, Implement the perfection of each process, condense in the excellent performance of each product, and integrate in the perfection of each service. Green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction become the goal of all nangui people unremitting efforts!

Laser packaging coding Production Line

    Nangui products are widely used in: construction, infrastructure, civil, industrial profiles, automobile manufacturing, computer manufacturing, interior decoration, aerospace, communication technology and other fields. All products of Nangui profiles have passed strict inspection. Each department has an independent inspection system, which is monitored by a dedicated quality control department. Advanced laboratory and testing equipment, raw materials and products for a full range of physical and chemical analysis and testing, reliable quality to win customer trust.
    Nangui aluminum industry has now become a business strength, product specifications complete, research and development equipment and large enterprise products innovation ability significantly, construction profiles have been widely used in buildings from all over the world, and the product quality recognised by the height of the society, adhering to the concentrate, focus, more professional spirit of enterprise, the pursuit of "zero defect" service, Establish the quality management target of "product quality spot check qualified rate 100%, customer satisfaction 100%", concentrate on building "Nangui" aluminum brand. Based in Guangxi, facing southwest and ASEAN, the products to the whole country, to the world!

二;Central, Provincial and Municipal Leaders at all Levels of Care, Strong Development Prospects

  The rapid development of Nangui Aluminum benefits from the policy of reform and opening up as well as the care and support of leaders at all levels of the state, autonomous region and city. Li Zhaozhuo, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Lin Nianxiu, Vice Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Huang Daowei, executive Vice chairman of the Autonomous Region, Peng Xiaochun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Baise, etc., have visited NGUI Aluminum to inspect and guide the work successively, fully affirming the advanced equipment and the concept of brand development of Ngui Aluminum. Leaders at all levels attach great importance to and care for the construction and development of GUANGXI Aluminum has brought a strong impetus.




三;Market Outlook Analysis

Broad Market Prospects, Strong brand Influence

   The construction aluminum market has a broad prospect. With the further acceleration of urbanization, the demand for aluminum in towns and cities is increasing every year. Xinhua News Agency reporter interviewed Nan GUI aluminum Company chairman Peng Xiaolong said that the future of advanced equipment, model innovation will be the advantage of enterprise development. South guangxi aluminum as a rising star in the China aluminum industry, the development potential is one of the biggest brands, chairman of the board of directors of the company xiao-long peng from China bo aluminum township of hubei jianli, and have extensive contacts and marketing network, the company has with the guangxi television station, CCTV net signed a strategic cooperation partners, "south guangxi brand" is the guangxi autonomous region key brand cultivation support enterprise, The company was successfully listed in Beibu Gulf Stock Exchange in June 2015. Its trademark was identified as "Guangxi Famous Trademark" by the Industry and Commerce Bureau of the Autonomous Region, and its products won the title of "Guangxi Famous Brand product". We believe that In the future, Nangui Aluminum will be one of the most influential building materials brands in China.



              荣获  “诚信企业” 称号


Advantages of a One-stop Industrial Chain

   From 100% pure aluminum ingot raw materials to fully automatic aluminum extrusion production line, from aluminum deep processing to aluminum surface treatment, are the most advanced technology in China, Nangui aluminum has been committed to provide customers with the most comprehensive service guarantee, so that customers in the market competition to obtain competitive advantages.

Excellent Service Advantages and Advertising Support

  Nangui aluminum is committed to providing customers with excellent brand services and financial support. To establish a unified brand terminal image, store image, store decoration design guidance, products to the local market, the company sent people in the local began to advertise, do publicity work, wall advertising, industry periodicals and other hard promotion, for different regions in the highway to erect billboards. Gifts are: charging treasure, umbrella, tape measure, bags, clothing and other large distribution.

Brand Strength Cast

   Nangui aluminum has won the trust of customers with its strong resource advantage and advanced management concept. At present, nangui aluminum stores are all over more than 100 counties and cities in Guangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan, and its brand influence and product sales are far ahead in the same industry. Seize the moment, success can be copied,Excellent service advantages and advertising supportwe sincerely invite you to join our distributor team.

Corporate Marketing Director:  Pei Zailong  15677003456

Head of Guangxi Region:Huang Mengcai  15807714488

Head of Yunnan Region:Cheng Gang   13877606333

Head of Guizhou Region:Ysng Ming   18798888825

Head of Hunan Region:Fang Shijun  18873908255 

Guangxi Nangui Aluminium Industry Co.,LTD

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