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On April 8, Tang Tongxin, the Standing Committee of the Jingzhou Municipal Committee and the Minister of the Organization Department, and Xie Qing, the Vice-Minister of the Organization Department, visited Nangui Group, the leading enterprise of the Central China Eco-Aluminum Demonstration Industrial Park, to investigate its operation and Party building.

      Peng Xiaolong, the chairman of the Nangui Group and the head of the Central China Eco-Aluminum Demonstration Industrial Park, accompanied Minister Tang to visit the extrusion and oxidation workshops of the Nangui Group. The development of the Group and the development of the enterprise party building were described in detail.

      Minister Tang fully affirmed the return of Nangui Group to start a business and promote the economic development of the home town. He also put forward guiding opinions on the Party building work of the group. He urged enterprises to do a good job in the construction of enterprise culture and Party building while doing a good job in production safety. Party branches should play a leading role in the enterprise.

      Yang Congguo, Deputy Secretary of Jianli Municipal Committee, Secretary of Political and Legal Committee, He Gang, Standing Committee of Municipal Committee, Organization Secretary, Zhu Shu, Vice Mayor, Director of Development Zone Management Committee and Director of Audit Bureau, etc. accompanied the investigation.